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Steelheader’s Journal 2016
June 1, 2016
Frank Haw Talks Salmon Issues
September 18, 2016
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As we continue to find our way in the modern age media world we are constantly looking for new and different ways to disseminate information to our readers. This website will be one tool as will our digital newsletter. Be sure to return often for updated information. And while digital media is important, I’d like to remind you that the magazine is even more important. I have found it interesting to learn that while social media meets the need of a certain percentage of people who enjoy fishing, there is no replacement for a magazine. So while you’re searching for information on this website don’t forget that our bread and butter is the printed magazine. Trust me when I say you’ll find as much if not more enjoyment reading Salmon & Steelhead Journal. Holding a magazine just feels good. And it’s even more enjoyable when there’s good information to read and hold.

— Pat Hoglund

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