Maxima’s SharkTooth Line Cutter

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Maxima’s SharkTooth Line Cutter

SharkTooth Line Cutter

Nippers? Not necessary. Teeth? Save yourself from a chipped tooth and an expensive trip to the dentist. Scissors? Leave them at home. When it comes to cutting leader material from spools GoFish Tackle & Gear, a division of Maxima USA, recently introduced its new product the SharkTooth Line Management System. It cuts line while keeping your leader spools managed. Easy to use, inexpensive and always at the ready, this is an ingenious tool that every salmon and steelhead fisherman should own. High praise for sure, but worthy of it.

The concept is simple. A cutting instrument is attached to a line keeper (an elastic band) that wraps around a leader spool. There is an eyelet where the line is fed through. Next to it is a blade. Simply wrap the leader material past the cutter, press down to create resistance, and pull. Your leader material is cut. Yes, it’s that simple. It works on monofilament and fluorocarbon fishing line up to 60 pounds.

There are three sizes: 1.75 for narrow spools (1 ¾- to 3 ½-inches); 2.5 for leader wheels (2 ¼- to 4 ½-inches); 3.0 for larger spools (3 to 6 inches).

MSRP: $10 for package of 3


Editor’s Note: In the Aug-Sept 2017 issue of Salmon & Steelhead Journal the price was incorrectly published. The correct price for a package of 3 is $10.00.

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