Steelheader’s Journal 2016

May 13, 2014
Welcome …
September 14, 2016
May 13, 2014
Welcome …
September 14, 2016

Photo Essay

A celebration of steelhead fishing, and floating, on the Grande Ronde River by Mark Lance.


Pat Hoglund chronicles his 10 days in Russia swinging flies for the hottest steelhead in Asia.


The King of Cane: Bob Clay is a master craftsman who makes heirloom quality Spey rods.

Signature Tyer:

Trey Combs’ SteelFlash flies were borne out of necessity and have become a staple in steelheader’s fly boxes.

Fly Bys:

Chris George’s Magnus Opus-sum

An Ren Tan’s Blue Minion

Matt Paluch’s Philoplume

April Vokey’s Tube Stacker


Jay Nicholas writes about Micro Intruder steelhead patterns, how to fish them, and how to tie them.

Gear Reviews:

Switch Rods: Sometimes short, powerful rods that do double duty are a much needed arrow in your quiver of fly rods.

Running Lines: Not all are created equal, and each one has a time and a place for your style of fishing.

Multidensity Fly Lines: Like all things fly lines continue to evolve and multidensity fly lines are the latest trend in the two-handed world.


After a steady diet of intruders, it’s smart to fool steelhead with a change-up. In this case it’s a classic steelhead pattern.


British Columbia: Sustut River

Washington: OP’s Hoh River

British Columbia: Kalum River

River Guides:

BC: Morice River, Stamp River, Thompson River, Copper River

AK: Karluk River, Sandy River

WA: Skagit River

OR: Lower Deschutes River

CAL: Garcia River

ID: Snake River

Last Cast:

Confessions of a steelhead bum.


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