The Versatile Bobber Stop

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February 8, 2019
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The Versatile Bobber Stop
The bobber stop is a versatile piece of fishing gear that most anglers don’t realize can be used for many applications. Of course being used as a bobber stop comes to mind, but there’s a host of uses that you might not have thought of otherwise.
By Jason Brooks

1.) Use With Herring Helmets: If you have ever fished herring helmets or anchovy hoods then try placing a bobber stop under the hood or helmet. Sometimes at high speeds or churning tides the helmets and hoods can press against the bait crushing them. To keep this from happening the stop can be placed under the hood.

2.) Use With Hoochie Skirts: Another use is to put a UV glow bead, Pill float, or Lil’ Corky into a hoochie skirt. Behind the bead put a bobber stop. This allows you to adjust the hoochie skirt and set your hooks back a bit. Salmon will often short strike the bait and this allows you to have both hooks exposed and increase your hook-ups.

3.) Use With “Tee” Beads: The bobber stop can also be used to keep some “tee” beads a few inches from your flasher and deflect grass and seaweed from fouling up your gear.

4.) Use While Plunking: If you like to plunk or back troll Spin-N-Glos with a gob of eggs trailing behind then place a bobber stop and a bead just below the drift bobber. This will keep it spinning freely as well as it won’t push against your bait and you can set the hook back an inch or two making it a bigger profile.

5.) Bottomline: It is a very versatile piece of our fishing gear that most anglers don’t realize you can use for more than just adjusting the depth of your bobber.

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