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Tim Juarez

Tim Juarez Salmon Bum

AGE: 55, RESIDENCE: Tillamook, Oregon, OCCUPATION: Professional Fishing Guide

Tim Juarez is recognized as one of the fishiest and friendliest fishing guides in the Pacific Northwest. He’s been guiding salmon and steelhead fishermen since 1989 and he spends most of his time guiding on his beloved Tillamook Bay, its tributaries, the Columbia River and two months on the Willamette River. Prior to becoming a fishing guide Juarez was a golf pro at Bend Golf and Country Club and he toured professionally on the mini tour in California and Florida. He hung up his golf clubs to spend more time with his wife Shana, and because he loves fishing.

“I always had the passion for fishing and always challenged myself to figure out how to catch any fish that I was trying catch,” he says. “Also, I enjoy people and finally I chose to guide because guiding was something that my wife Shana and I could do together, as a team.”

Greatest threat to salmon fishing: As I have been able to witness through the years, I feel that the sea lion population growth has made the biggest threat to salmon fishing in our region.

Years Salmon Fishing: 40 years

Describe A Typical Day Guiding Salmon Fishermen: I think we all enjoy the anticipation of a day on the water. Salmon fishing is part of our heritage here in the Pacific Northwest. Whether we are fishing here on the coast or inland on the Willamette or Columbia the joy of the chance to catch a salmon is awesome. I might ad that the great dinners these fish provide are also reason to sit out in the weather and wait for the magical tug from a salmon.

How many days a year do you fish:
I am somewhere close to 200.

What is the most rewarding part of being a fishing guide: I get to enjoy something I truly love to do, where I am able to enjoy the great outdoors and have the chance to make a special day in someone’s life.

What is the most difficult part of guiding: When you have done all your homework, given your day 110 percent, and you’re not able to send the guests home with at least one fish that could be split between them. I truly care about each and every person each and every day.

You’re involved with the North Coast Salmon Rendezvous and the Tillamook Chapter of CCA. What are the biggest benefits to the angler that come from those organizati>onp
The results that come from the North Coast Salmon Rendezvous is very satisfying. We have one of the most consistent winter steelhead fisheries anywhere and we have been able to give back to the fish and help fund many habitat enhancements all throughout our region. I believe in CCA and if anglers would take time to look at the success stories of this organization, there’s no reason that every angler shouldn’t be a member.

Biggest King landed: 51 pounds and I have lost a couple that were bigger!

Number of kings landed: Wow that’s something I have never thought about, but I am going to estimate a whole bunch.

Favorite Destination for Big Salmon: Kenai River, Alaska

Favorite Home State Destination: Tillamook Bay

Most Effective Method for Kings: Trolling spinners

Tackle Setup: I like a one piece rod (G. Loomis HSR 1002), 5-foot leader with a 16-inch weight drop line.

How to Fish It: Most of my spinner trolling is in shallow water and thus making it important to keep your spinner close to the bottom. You are in the strike zone if you are within a foot off the bottom at all times. I like to use 1 ½ ounces of lead. When you’re trolling the right speed, your rod tip will have a nice consistent bounce from the spinner blade; too slow and you will hit the bottom; too fast and your spinner will come to the top. Get the rod tip with a nice rhythm and hang on!

What is one thing you see people do wrong while fishing: They do not pay attention to putting the lure/bait in the fish zone consistently.

My Fishing Idol Is: My late step dad Jim Christison. He taught me how to fish for salmon and steelhead when I was just a kid. He brought to light how to be a good steward of the resource and showed me how much fun and enjoyment you could get from fishing. Boy do I miss that guy.

What I Know About Salmon Fishing: I remember when I was in my rookie stages of guiding and Denny Hannah told me something I will never forget. He looked me in the eye and said, “Son don’t you ever think you know it all. There’s always something to learn on how to catch a fish.” Boy, was he right.

Favorite Fishing Memory: So many of them, but one comes to mind of fishing along the jetty in Tillamook bay with four clients, we were catching a few fish and everyone having a good time. I turned and asked the client sitting right in front of me (he had not caught a fish) if he felt he was going to catch a fish and he said no because he never catches fish when he has the chance to go fishing. I told him that we were going to have to change his attitude, and that he must believe that he is going to catch a fish and that fishing is about being positive. I asked him if he believed me, and he said “yes”. So we started the countdown, all of our eyes in the boat were fixed on watching the rod tip of his fishing rod, the countdown started: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and when I got the number 1 out of my mouth his rod folded to the water! Scared the heck out of all us. Definitely a once in a lifetime countdown.

If You Had One Day Left To Fish, Where would you go? I think that if I only had one day left to fish it wouldn't matter where it would be. Just give me a fishing rod and some water and I would find happiness.

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