Traveling Angler 2015-16

Trolling Super Baits, Flashers
September 18, 2016
Buoy 10 Fishing Guide
September 20, 2016

PHOTO ESSAY: Land of Fire and Sea-Run Browns: For centuries Argentina has been called the Land of Fire, but Jim Klug makes a good case for calling it the Land of Sea-Run Browns.

ESSAY: The Dreaded Curse: Spend several seasons in a row fly fishing for Atlantic salmon without so much as a grab and you too will appreciate the Curse of Salmo Salar.

GEAR REVIEW: Ultimate Trout Fly Rod: Travel to Alaska to fly fish for trout and you’re going to need one fly rod: a 9-foot, 6-weight. It’s considered the ultimate Alaska trout rod and we reviewed the industry’s best.

FEATURES: Mousing For ‘Bows: The adrenaline rush you get from watching a monster rainbow pile-drive your mouse pattern is as addictive as it gets. Alaska’s top 10 Mousing Rivers are featured along with the five most effective mouse patterns.

LOTTERY FISHING: Landing a 50-pound Chinook is a lot like winning the lottery, but make no mistake it takes fishing in the right place to catch a trophy Tyee. We’ve featured the Top 5 Spots in British Columbia.

STEELHEAD’S HIGH CHURCH: When debating the merits of what steelhead rivers rank as some of the world’s best, there is no doubt that the Skeena and Dean are to be included in the discussion.

NEW BONEFISH KID ON THE BLOCK: Honduras is a lot of things, but few people understand just how good the bonefish fishing is off Roatan. It’s under-fished, and until now, undiscovered.

HIMMIE’S ROOSTERFISH CAMP: It’s not about you when you show up to fly fish for roosterfish in Mexico’s Bay of the Dead, rather a soulful act of confession.


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