What’s Inside April-May 2017 Issue

Washington Anglers Facing 40% License Increase
September 18, 2016
Traveling Angler 2015-16
September 20, 2016
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What’s Inside April-May 2017 Issue

Issue: Gillnet Reforms

In light of how he’s influenced the outcome on the Columbia River Reforms, Oregon commissioner Bruce Buckmaster is once again the target of sport fishing leaders’ ire. They are calling for Buckmaster’s resignation. The issues surrounding the Columbia River gillnet controversy are also outlined.

Essay: Gambling Man

What does a steelhead fisherman and a roulette player have in common? Apparently, a lot.

Tips & Tailouts

Whether it’s a new smoked salmon recipe, tying flies for charity, or chasing spring Chinook and pink salmon, you’ll have plenty to digest in this installment of Tips & Tailouts.


Columbia River Springers

Keeping your eyes on the prize is half the battle when pursuing spring Chinook this year. And so is knowing the right techniques to use; here you’ll find three tried-and-true techniques that help you catch spring-run salmon on the Columbia.

Washington state pinks:

During odd-numbered years (ala 2017) pink salmon invade the Puget Sound. Here you’ll find several methods to use, as well as where to fish for humpies. Assuming you’re so inclined.

Destination: BC’s Fraser River

The Fraser River is Canada’s version of the Columbia River, and anglers who fish for Chinook and sockeye here have found it to be a Beacon of Hope.

Gear Review: All Purpose Steelhead Rods

Finding one steelhead rod to do the job for all is a monumental task. Most people would rightfully argue that it’s not possible. While we agree, we did find nine steelhead rods that are as close to “all purpose” as you’ll find.

River Guides:

CAL: Klamath River

AK: Montana Creek

About the Cover:

A spring-run steelhead from Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. Mike Zavadlov Photo



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